Copper Aura Quartz Gemstone Heart -Small 40mm

The heart shape is timeless and reflects the happiness, joy, patience, and love that dwells within each of us. Working with the heart shape opens your mind, spirit and body to feeling and knowing what your heart wants. The heart shape is perfect for meditation where you want to identify with what your heart is trying to tell you, and how you process love at every stage in your life. The heart shape makes us feel happy, adored, at peace within ourselves, and that we are not alone.

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Copper Aura Quartz Crystal

Repels Negativity

Copper Aura Quartz dispels and repels negative energy from around you. Copper is a natural repellent for bad energy and if you need a cleansing sweep of your space, Copper Aura Quartz is a great choice. This gemstone facilitates positive energy and awakens channels of the mind for receiving positive energy and opening new doors for success. Copper Aura Quartz helps bring clarity of the mind for psychic work and can help sustain longer connectivity during meditation. Working with Copper Aura Quartz unveils key elements within our intuitive mind and helps you recognize signs and messages from the Universe.


You will receive one heart, approximately 40mm.

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