Electroplated Natural Quartz Druzy Crystal Gemstone Pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Quartz is a fantastic stone whose wide range of metaphysical properties and powers make it the perfect stone for your memory, mental power & growth, storing memories & information, and resonating with personal evolution and strength.  Quartz is a very powerful stone that is further enhanced by our complementary spells.

It helps to remove stress energies & plaguing energies that are normally picked up by everyone, every day.  It brings cleansing energies to help repair irritations to the spiritual energy as a result of the stress & plaguing energies.  It brings balance to your physical, spiritual & astral bodies so you can feel healthier, stronger and more focused to get through the day no matter what!


You will receive one dyed druzy quartz pendant approximately 1.5" long in the color of your choice. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Melissa Bennerj

Pictures do not do the actual product justice. It’s very beautiful and bigger than I anticipated. I enjoy most of everything I purchase.

Very happy

Thank you for the fast shipping. These Crystals are beautiful.

Karen T

I actually ordered 2...one in blue/purple and the other pink/grey. Larger than expected and I do like purple more but both very nice especially for the price. Would be great to layer necklaces at different lengths because of the shape.