Eye Agate Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties of Eye Agate

Stone for Protection Against Evil Eye

Eye agates are known to ward off evil in the form of evil eyes, curses, hexes and psychic attacks. This stone will protect against soft feelings and help you to retain a strong aura of confidence and resilience. The eye agate stone is known for bringing prophetic dreams when slept with; especially of impending problems. The gemstone increases your confidence and your sensitivity to the supernatural. If you feel someone is persecuting you or doing magick work against you the evil eye stone placed around the home will keep their work from impacting your life. The stone can heal past hurts and help you to feel more in tune with what you want for your future.

You will receive one eye agate;

Small -  0.5"- 0.8" base
Medium - 1" - 1.15" base
Large - 1.25"- 1.5"  base. 
Jumbo - 1.75" - 2" base

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Love this product!

I purchased two XL & several small gemstones. All were beautiful!!! I’m so happy I purchased them! Thank you!

Lee Shinefield
Eye Agate

This gemstone is unusual, stunning & beautiful!

Janice Sandt
Great Stone

I really love the Eye Agate I received. It is truly a fantastic choice.

Rachel Selima
Nazar in a Crystal

I always underestimate the humble agate, and I certainly did yet again. Love this stone, and it's a must have for any collection, hands down!

Bethany Bishop
Eye Agate

I completely loved everything I got qnd how individually wrapped and well labeled too. Exquisite work and as for the eye agate I couldn't be more pleased with recieving such a phenomenal crystal. I will be purchasing more. However I do have one question it came to me beautiful with no cracks or abrasions, or markings whatsoever, could you possibly tell me why after putting it out it has gotten a seam or crack of white along the eye center. I'm baffled. Thank you and I am already purchasing more!! Thanks so much CGS. 5 stars doesn't even begin to cover the joy I have for my newfound additions to my collection.!!!