Fairy Stone - Natural Formations

Metaphysical Meaning, Powers, Healing, Properties of Fairy Stones

Stone for Believers

Fairy Stone helps you connect to the mystical & spiritual powers within yourself.  It is a natural conduit for the metaphysical and helps you to understand & know true power.  It is a lively and active stone that brings out the positive from within and can relay messages from spirit guides and ancestors.  Fairy Stone has a calming and soothing energy that sets weary nerves to rest and promotes positive thinking.  It's a must-have for crystal healing as it can be a beacon to strengthen the energy of magic around you.  Fairy Stone is a charming source of significant, mystical energy.  The ancient source of this stone also promotes a connection with ancient energy and primal forces to understand the divine insight within you.

You will receive 1 Fairy Stone, approximately on the longest side:

Small: 1.1"-1.25"

Medium: 1.3"-1.75"

Large: 1.8"-2.5"

These were mined in Canada.


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Customer Reviews

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Susan Franklin
Good character

I love my new fairy stone! It's got good, unique characteristics. It feels very good to hold which I do every day. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Patricia Oswald
So cute!

Love it,so cute and unique. They package all items in cute separate boxes and two free crystals!💜💜💜