Fantasy Aura Rose Quartz Gemstone Tower

Metaphysical Properties of Fantasy Aura Rose Quartz

Fantasy Rose Aura Quartz is a treated rose quartz gemstone fused with 24k gold to produce a romantic and vivid gemstone in brilliant hues of pink. This gemstone is a stone for romantics as it acts like a prism within you to touch upon your true love, pure love and the feelings you have related to passion. This gemstone allows you to feel love more intensely and to create stronger bonds with those you love. This stone can provide vivid and realistic dreams about the fantasies you have and can bring about spontaneous, romantic whims. The energy within this stone is light, happy and provocative.

You will receive one tower, your choice of size: 

Small: 1" - 2" tall

Medium: 2" - 3" tall

Large: 3" - 4" tall

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

I love this crystal. It is one of my favorites and I carry it around a lot.


What a darling! It looks way better IRL and has such a dreamy vibe. The size feels right to me!

Kenneth D Holcomb Jr
Small and powerful!

Always something that is not perfect, this was not the case after clearing and a good cleanse, now programmed to me, awsome!