Fire Quartz 45mm-65mm Polished Sphere Orb Marble

Metaphysical Properties of Fire Quartz

Stone for Fire Element, Self Confidence, Power

Fire Quartz is an Elemental gemstone which resonates to the Fire Element. The stone ignites passion & lust within you while also helping you to clear all negative blockages & issues from your life and giving you a chance to reinvent yourself or start fresh. This is a highly active gemstone as it draws energy from the Fire Elemental energies of the Earth and provides you motivation and desire to make changes as needed. It is a bold and passionate stone that will support better self-image and help you build self-esteem. Fire Quartz is a gemstone that works through the Root Chakra to empower and flow energy through all the Chakras as needed.

Fire Quartz is also known as Hematoid Quartz.

You will receive one orb of your choice of size.

Small: Approximately 40-44 mm. 

Medium: Approximately 45-50 mm. 

Large: Approximately 51-53 mm. 

Extra Large:Approximately 54-58 mm. 

Jumbo: Approximately 60mm-65mm.

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So pretty!

This sphere is gorgeous! I love that all of the stones at this shop are so affordable. I love this site!