Fluorescent Hackmanite Natural Gemstone

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These fluorescent hackmanite stones are very peculiar in their beauty! If you're looking for a stone to play around with in different types of light, you may find hackmanite to be an absolute treat. Don't miss an opportunity to get this unique and amazing stone!

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Hackmanite

Stone of Change

Hackmanite is a fantastic stone for science lovers! It is a sulfur-rich variety of sodalite, a newcomer to the gemstone community.  It has a beautiful tenebrescence and some specimens shift color from a violet hue to a grey/white color.  When under an ultraviolet source of light it can appear with a greater violet hue.  

Crystal healers suggest using Hackmanite as a crystal to help individuals focus on what is truly important to them. People who believe in crystal healing argue that Hackmanite guides people toward their goals and aspirations and helps them take the necessary steps to achieve them by aligning energies.

Crystal healers say that hackmanite is a stone that promotes positive change and a motivation for good things in life. They claim it has a peaceful yet invigorating energy that encourages one to seek good energy and be appreciative of the blessings in one's life. 

They also argue that hackmanite promotes inner peace and inner vision by helping individuals calm their minds, connect with their higher selves, and gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey.

It is important to note that these claimed metaphysical properties are not grounded in science, and they are the beliefs of a community.

You will receive 1 natural cluster, approximately 0.75" - 1.5".

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I'm not sure what I received but unfortunately they are not fluorescent and look more like little quartz pieces.

Hi there,
Please make sure that you are using the proper range of UV Light when fluorescing your specimen. All of our pieces fluoresced under Shortwave UV Light. :) A regular blacklight bulb or a Longwave UV Light will not produce the same reaction.

Black Light Special

This crystal is so cool. I love how it looks under black light. I love it!

Jennifer Perry
Glowing review

What a great stone. I have ordered on different occasions and they've all been stunning yet different. Good size for the cost


What a cool stone! It is GORGEOUS under a black light and the energy is quite high vibration. I love it that it came in a display box, and as always, shipped very quickly. Thank you!


The crystal I received is beautiful and its tenebrescent properties are highly visible! Thank you for this amazing choise 🥰