Fluorite Polished Gemstone Puffy Heart Carving

The heart is a symbol of love, hope, and happiness throughout all journeys.  Working with this stone for meditation and insight will help you open and appreciate the power of all forms of love.

Metaphysical Properties of Fluorite

Stone for Power from Within

Fluorite is a powerful gemstone that surrounds you with protective power and spurs you into a form of Universal consciousness.  With this gemstone you will feel activation of your supernatural DNA and have a tremendous pulse of paranormal energy.  Working with this stone brings you an elevating sense of purpose and will activate all of your Chakras - drawing out their natural powers.  Fluorite provides a multi-faceted approach of power throughout your life.  It will absorb all the negative energy from your 3 bodies, aura and Chakras which is why it is a stone that needs to be cleansed on a regular basis.  It will stimulate your mind bringing about greater clarity; especially when communicating with spirits & ancestors or receiving messages from the Universe.  Fluorite promotes harmony and balance and will keep you motivated for positive movement throughout your life.

These special stones fall into the fluorite matrix and some have stripes of dark green bands in the purple.

You will receive 1 fluorite gemstone heart, approximately 1.35"-1.40".

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