Gemstone Carvings of Pumpkins, Skulls, Ghosts

Pumpkins, Skulls, and Ghosts

It's a lovely arrangement of some incredible gemstone carvings that will bring your home or office a touch of sophistication during the Autumn celebrations!  Whether it's Halloween or Thanksgiving, these charming gemstone pumpkins will bring a smile to your heart when you see them.
We also have some incredible skulls and a ghost that were part of this carving event :)  Please select the type of carving you wish to have, and what gemstone it will be.  You will receive the carving gift-boxed and labeled with its information sheet.
Small pumpkins are around 2" diameter on the bottom and 1.75" tall.
Medium pumpkins are around 2" diameter on the bottom and 2" tall.
Large pumpkins are around 4.5" diameter on the bottom and about 3" tall.
We only have 1 skull left, it is 4" long x 1.75" wide x 1.75" tall.

***We currently do not have any ghosts available***

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