Gemstone Point Jewelry Pendant - 14 Stone Choices


Metaphysical Properties of Bloodstone

Bloodstone is a stone of purity and true power.  Bloodstone brings you confidence, creativity, passion, and wisdom.  Through work with this stone you can reconnect to the purity and divinity which resides within your soul.  This stone empowers you to move forward in your life and leave nothing behind.  As a gemstone of history it was previously known as Heliotrope (to attract Sun) as a stone that could absorb the power of the Sun and provide great healing and rejuvenating power.  It was also known as a stone connected to the crucifixion of Christ; the gemstone capturing the blood that fell from his death on the cross.  In all cases the Bloodstone gemstone is a highly energetic, spiritual, and mystic stone of wondrous spiritual power.

Metaphysical Properties of Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone attracts the heart's desires and repels the negativity of others. This stone helps you discover the deepest corners of your heart and will help you discover opportunities through your life. Blue Goldstone is a livley and active stone that brings you encouragement of your natural talents & will help you become more expressive. This gemstone is popular with entertainers as it strengthens your natural creativit and helps your inner beauty shine. Blue Goldstone is a purple-blue stone that has a glittery appearance.


Metaphysical Properties of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a stone of opportunity and good luck. When you wear green aventurine it attracts positive luck to your life in all avenues. The more you work with green aventurine the greater you find yourself connected to positive power and hope. The stone will help you overcome blockages and darker areas of your life and triumph victoriously. Green aventurine is a stone of encouragement, happiness and will help your mind find productive thoughts to be occupied with. The stone will bring you balance, a sense of humor, and open your mind to learning and wisdom. You will discover your qualities for creativity and problem-solving.

Metaphysical Properties of Goldstone

Goldstone is an energy generator. It stores and expends energy through cycles which can greatly contribute energy when needed and absorb excess energy around you for later. It is a stone that lends itself to decisions and consequences. When you work with this stone you find yourself thinking far more in-depth about who you are, what you are, and what you can do. Goldstone is a raw energy generator and impressive.

Metaphysical Properties of Howlite

Howlite is a stone that relieves the energies of stress and helps you to find your inner calm. Howlite is a stone that soothes the mind and helps you to settle differences in your life. This stone absorbs negative energies and your dark thoughts while providing you focus and central power towards your future. Howlite dissolves negative energy and provides you the pathway to truth and divine power that you need in your life. Howlite helps guard against selfish actions and instill compassion.

Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate

Moss Agate has deep roots within history. It was known as a stone which could bear victory and success for warriors in battle. The stone would be carried or mounted as they roared into the fray. Moss agate was also known as a healing stone that could control the healing process enacted by priests. The stone would be held against the body in need or fashioned into amulets for the sick to wear. It has also been tied through ancient texts to be a stone to attract wealth and prosperity. Moss agate proves to be a well-powered stone which can provide many advantages for those who enjoys its earthen & organic presence.

Metaphysical Properties of New Jade

New Jade is a highly spiritual stone that connects you to the ancient past. It is the perfect gemstone to work with if you are studying ancient cultures or you want to feel a connection to ancient spiritual or ancient magical practices. New Jade is a bridge that joins the present and history together for a full view of the common bonds that exist regardless of time. This is a great stone to use for meditation prior to spiritual or magical practices as New Jade opens the mind and expands your consciousness for receiving wisdom.

Metaphysical Properties of Picture Jasper

Picture Jasper is a stone exalted for its protective abilities by ancient peoples. It is a stone that bears a striking pattern that looks like a rocky landscape. It provides amazing shielding power throughout the Earthen & Spiritual Realms. For those who enjoy spirit communication, conjuring, summoning and travel they find picture jasper to be the ultimate guardian stone. For historians they relish in the knowledge witnessed and recorded by the gemstone. It holds within its picturesque grasp sacred wisdom and knowledge throughout thousands of years.

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Quartz is a fantastic stone whose wide range of metaphysical properties and powers make it the perfect stone for your memory, mental power & growth, storing memories & information, and resonating with personal evolution and strength.  Quartz is a very powerful stone that is further enhanced by our complementary spells. It helps to remove stress energies & plaguing energies that are normally picked up by everyone, every day.  It brings cleansing energies to help repair irritations to the spiritual energy as a result of the stress & plaguing energies.  It brings balance to your physical, spiritual & astral bodies so you can feel healthier, stronger and more focused to get through the day no matter what!


Metaphysical Properties of Red Jasper

Red Jasper connects you to the lifeblood of the Earth.  It is a powerful stone that stimulates chi through your bond with the organic energies of the Earth.  When you work with red jasper it energizes you for rebirth and restitution.  It is a gemstone long hailed by the Norse, Egyptians and Native Americans as a stone of immense power.  It has been used in ceremonies, armory, and magic amulets through each of these cultures dating back into ancient times.  Red jasper is used in all sacred work that relates to mortality and the Earth as well as connection to the immortal blood of the Universe.  If you want a stone that can make a significant difference in your understanding and feeling of connection to life itself then red jasper is your stone of choice.

Metaphysical Properties of Rhodonite

Rhodonite is a gemstone that inspires generosity, grace and compassion. It can heal emotional wounds as well as past life scars which you continue to carry with you. As a gemstone is creates a path of forgiveness for yourself and for others. You can make great amends through work with this stone Rhodonite acts as an insulating focus for success in your life. The gemstone encourages you to reach your full potential in life and leave nothing to chance. You will fall in love with the diverse and inspiring abilities of this pink and black gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Strawberry Obsidian

Strawberry Obsidian is a vividly-colored stone which speaks to the secret desires and secret delights of our hearts. Strawberry Obsidian works with our youthful energies to help give us the motivation for pursuing the things which make us happy. This is a great stone for raising your positive power and opening your heart & mind to new experiences. Strawberry Obsidian is a stone of joy, love, and wanting the best for ourselves. Strawberry Obsidian is a see-through, pink stone.


Metaphysical Properties of Turquenite

Turquenite is a stone to work with to dive into the memories and experiences of past lives. By working with this gemstone you uncover hidden, or lost, memories of your past lives that bear importance for you in this life. Turquenite is an energetic gemstone that facilitates memory recovery and in-depth meditation. You will engage in personal experiences that enlighten you for a brighter outlook on destiny. Turquenite is howlite dyed to be bright-blue. It is often used by lapidary artists as a substitute for turquoise.

Metaphysical Properties of Unakite

Unakite is a stone of abundance and happiness. Unakite is a strong gemstone that resonates with the emotions of love, wonderment, harmony, and hope. This stone helps you unearth the hidden emotions and repressed emotions from within. Unakite is an uplifting and inspirational gemstone that directs your focus towards what is truly important in your life. This is a great stone for understanding and empowering your emotions and personal state of mind. Unakite helps you to overcome troubled areas of your life and become more invested in your happiness.

Metaphysical Properties of Zebra Jasper

Zebra Jasper naturally promotes unity and acceptance of the differences in others. It is an anti-negativity gemstone that provides a barrier from pessimism and negative thinking and promotes a positive, optimistic outlook in life. Zebra Jasper's cleansing power allows you to sweep away the darker thoughts that plague you and keep you from going after your dreams and goals in life. It can help you from becoming a worry-wart or second-guessing yourself out of a prosperous opportunity. The metaphysical properties of Zebra Jasper promote balance from within allowing you to access both your feminine and masculine energies and learning from both perspectives in any situation through life. The true meaning of Zebra Jasper comes to life when it allows your mind to become transcendental and connect through higher paths of enlightenment. Zebra Jasper is a black and white, brown and ivory, or brown and tan. The gemstone variations all have bands or stripes that look similar to a zebra's stripes.


You will receive one pendant approximately 1.55" from bottom to bail.

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