Gold Flake Bottle - Divine Metal of Many Blessings

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Gold

Divine Metal

Gold is the universal symbol for purity and power for good reason, it is a natural amplifier. Gold is a divine metal that can provide a host of ancient energies for those who wear it or hold it. It is a metal which can amplify your voice to the divine, it amplifies your natural beauty, it amplifies the inner essence of yourself to reach higher planes of consciousness, and guides you to achieve and retain prosperity in life. Gold touches on the divine within you, and is a conduit through which you can exercise some of the most eccentric & bold rights of your destiny.

The metaphysical properties of gold are staggering and they can be immediately realized when you work with gold in its most pure of forms.

You will receive one bottle of natural 22k gold flake.  They weigh approximately 0.35 of an ounce and are about 1.3" tall

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jessie Ensign
Love it!

Exquisite little bottle with big, shiny gold flakes. Perfect gift for my daughter who collects minerals. Came nicely packaged and arrived within a few days of ordering.

Gold Flake Bottle

Very satisfied with my order.

Lisa L
Absolutely Perfect

We had bought our son some gold while on vacation for his rock and gem collection. Unfortunately, while getting some other souvenirs out of the bag the bottle of gold flakes hit the floor and shattered. I immediately went to Etsy for a replacement and found Crystal Gemstone Shop. The replacement golf flakes were perfect! They packaged and shipped in an extremely timely manner and my son also got a bonus stone with the purchase that only made him light up more. Thank you so much for everything! I would highly recommend

Kasey Albritton
All that glitters

if you want a magical little pick me up try this gold flake bottle. Every time a look at it I get happy. Delivered quickly and safe.