Gold Quartz Gemstone Polished Pendulum

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Gold Quartz

Gold quartz is a gemstone that vibrates at higher frequencies within the 3 bodies. It can unearth the hidden and little-known gifts that exist within you and can reveal the hidden hurts that need to be healed. Gold quartz is the perfect stone for working with more in-depth forms of healing that can be performed on the 3 bodies. It channels negative energy away from you and building positive energy from within. As a sourcing stone it uses the natural power within to activate any unspent energy around you into positive energy which can instill peace, focus, joy and grace from your core. It is a stone that promotes well-being, happiness and enjoyment.

Gold quartz can range from a deep-golden hue to a light or pale yellow; most specimens are a light orange-gold color. It can have translucent clear or yellow areas within the stone.


Tool of Divination, Magic, and Spirit World Communication

Pendulums are an ancient tool of divination which has been used for centuries and has been fashioned from gemstone, metal, stone, wood, and even clay. The pendulum is suspended from a chain, which is pinched between your thumb & index finger or thumb & middle finger. No pressure should be applied to the movement of the pendulum; it should be allowed to move freely on its own. There are many ways to use pendulums for communication and pendulums can be conduits for messages from spirits & ancestors, from spirits guides, and direct you towards signs. Pendulums can be used with communication mats, spirit boards, or with simple "Yes" or "No" written on paper. Practicing pendulum communication will increase your accuracy.

You will receive one pendulum between 1.25" - 2.25" in gemstone length. The pendulum chain length varies between 6" - 6.5".

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Love this stone

I couldn't ask for a better stone in gold if I tried. She is beautiful. Her balance is perfect, shape is lovely, and sized just right.
Thank you for your undevoted attention to all that matters!
I highly recommend this seller and this particular pendulum.