Green Aventurine Polished Gemstone Puffy 30mm Heart Carving

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Green Aventurine

Stone of Good Luck

Green aventurine is a stone of opportunity and good luck. When you wear green aventurine it attracts positive luck to your life in all avenues. The more you work with green aventurine the greater you find yourself connected to positive power and hope. The stone will help you overcome blockages and darker areas of your life and triumph victoriously. Green aventurine is a stone of encouragement, happiness and will help your mind find productive thoughts to be occupied with. The stone will bring you balance, a sense of humor, and open your mind to learning and wisdom. You will discover your qualities for creativity and problem-solving.

Green aventurine is a pale green to dark green stone that has flecks of light when turned. It can have mixes of tan or brown through the stone sometimes. It has an inner-fractured appearance like quartz and the green of the stone can be linear.

The heart shape is timeless and reflects the happiness, joy, patience, and love that dwells within each of us.  Working with the heart shape opens your mind, spirit and body to feeling and knowing what your heart wants.  The heart shape is perfect for meditation where you want to identify with what your heart is trying to tell you, and how you process love at every stage in your life.  The heart shape makes us feel happy, adored, at peace within ourselves, and that we are not alone.

 You will receive 1 heart, approximately 30mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome Shopping Experience!

We ordered many different sizes and shapes of Aventurine. Absolutely every piece was perfect and beautiful. Packaging above and beyond necessary in pretty little polka dotted boxes. Great for gift giving or feeling like you received a multitude of special surprises. Such a nice touch. All of the crystals were beautiful. Thank you so much.

Love them all

I Just love all my crystals that I have received from this company especially this One

Denise F. Quinnette
Aventurine heart

Was smaller than anticipated