Healerite Natural Raw Rough Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties of Healerite Gemstone

Stone for Healing & Cleansing Negativity

Healerite is a stone which possesses resounding healing energy. It works with all 3 bodies to cleanse negative energy, remove malignant connections to unbounds or entities of any of the 3 Realms, align Chakras, restore voids, remove blockages, and repair, restore, renew, and rebuild the power & energy of the 3 bodies. You can feel the natural strength and influence of the stone when you hold it. Healerite is a powerful gemstone for those who work with healing and cleansing paths. It encourages creative solutions to health problems, being more aware & observant of your own health & the health of loved ones, and motivates you to tend to health issues before they become a problem. If you want to work with past life healing, psychic surgery, or other forms of supernatural healing this stone is essential for success.

Healerite is a pale-green to green-yellow gemstone.

You will receive one stone between 2"-3" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Pale but Powerful

My stone was a bit more pale compared to the display photograph. However, I still love the stone! Good size too.

Rainbow moonstone pendant

Love my rainbow moonstone!!! Fast delivery and a special gift included

I can not even begin to write how much I appreciated the attention to detail.

I can not even begin to write how much I appreciated the attention to detail. Enjoying all the stones I purchased, and the printed material that came with each stone. Thank you! When I received my order and I opened the box....it made my weekend. Just lovely!