Rainbow Aura Hematite Faceted Gemstone Ring for Negative Energy Removal

Hematite gemstone rings absorb negativity and when they absorb too much negative energy, they tend to crack or break.

Hematite is an amazing gemstone that absorbs the negative energies from within your 3 bodies and transforms it into positive energy that can be shared in the atmosphere around you.  When held it soothes and calms raw nerves and will ground you through your Root Chakra.  If you are someone with a lot of responsibilities in your daily life you will discover how powerful hematite is with balancing and resolve harried schedules.  For the busy citizens of Earth there is little doubt hematite is a valuable gemstone.

You will receive 1 ring, your choice of size.

***Please note: Gemstone rings tend to fit snug as the natural material can vacuum fit to your finger, which can be a different experience than with metal bands.  Solid-band rings tend to fit more tightly than rings with a vaulted mounting.

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Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Ewins
This ring is wonderful

I got the rainbow aura hematite ring.It is very powerful to convert negative energy to positive! Plus it is very comfortable and it is gorgeous next to my blue diamond ring. I am very glad that I purchased it. It makes me feel more positive and more relaxed and that is the world to me.

Lee Ann Cliche
Hematite Ring

100% customer satisfaction
Description ot.item was informative.
Quality of work was excellent-no issues
The price was reasonable..
This ring met my expectations,
I look forward to the next one.

Loooooove it

It’s beautiful, it fit well!

Adrienne Villegas

Rainbow Aura Hematite Faceted Gemstone Ring for Negative Energy Removal

Viviana Acosta

I really love this ring!