Natural Grey Hematite Gemstone Ring for Negative Energy Removal


This hematite ring brings the power and magnificence of natural hematite to your daily life. Experience the benefits of a ring that absorbs negative energy and continually refreshes you. 


The rich, dark color and simple style of our hematite stone ring make it an everyday piece you can match with any outfit. Not only that, but we love this ring because it’s:

  • Comfortable
  • Affordable

If you’re looking to get into crystal healing or deepen your practice, this is a great choice. Enjoy the subtle beauty of our gorgeous hematite ring.

Metaphysical Notes

Hematite is an amazing gemstone that takes the negative energies from within your three bodies and transforms them into positive energy that can be shared in the atmosphere around you. When held, it soothes and calms raw nerves, grounding you through your Root Chakra. Hematite stone rings make a great accessory to carry with you always. Unfortunately, when these rings absorb negative energy in excess, they tend to crack or break.

If you are someone with a lot of responsibilities in your daily life, you will discover how powerful hematite is with balancing and resolving harried schedules. For the busy citizens of Earth, there is little doubt hematite is a valuable gemstone.

Quality-Assured Gemstones

Like all our jewelry, this hematite ring is hand-picked to ensure you get the highest quality piece. We truly love gemstones and sharing them with you, so we partner with mines, cutters, and stonemasons from across the world to select premium pieces at the best prices for our customers. 

At Crystal Gemstone Shop, you’ll find unique, rare, and powerful crystals and gemstones to add to your collection, beautify your home, or strengthen your spiritual practice. Shop our gemstones today to unearth something you’ll love.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chris Pritchett

Fits like a charm, and looks so good! Going to be a daily wearer for sure!

Jennifer Chandler
Best and most comfortable ring my husband and I have ever wore!!!

Best and most comfortable rings my husband and I have ever wore we even use them as our wedding rings and usually keep them in stock as they will eventually break as we are in the construction business and can be hard on our rings at times but they are very durable considering the wear and tear. We cant say enough good things about them they are comfortable they definitely work their magic in our busy lives and we won't wear anything but these amazing rings. Just wish there was more in stock we have been lucky ours hadn't broke yet because we cant seem to get anymore and we are devastated due to your company has delivered pure hematite stone rings and many others do not so we dont want to order from anyone else but I'm afraid if we dont see any in stock soon we will be forced to and my husband seems more upset than expected please please replenish your stock of these fabulous rings they are desperately needed and wanted in this house thank you for your time and thank you for selling quality rings for my husband and I to enjoy and keep so scared in our marriage. Thank you for your time and providing such quality stone as they truly are amazing!!
The Chandler's
Jennifer and Chester


The ring is good. I just ordered a size too big so I can't wear it


Bought for a friend. She's happy with it.

Eileen Bletz
Hematite Ring

I love it. Felt better as soon as I put it on. Looks classy on my finger