Holiday Mystery Crystal Healing Gemstone Kit

Holiday Gift Set

A perfect gift for the holidays that will give them a little bit of everything to unwrap and enjoy all year long!


Unicorn Poop

Awesome slime containing a piece of "Unicorn Poop".  You get to dig through slime to find the piece of poop!  Fantastic slime that can be used as a stress toy as well; comes in a glass jar.

Aura Quartz Tumbled Stone (1"-1.5")

Elf Vomit

A hilarious gift for anyone who loves exotic and unique gemstones.

Natural Brucite gemstone (1"-1.5")

Fairy Poop

Who knew fairy poop was as beautiful as a rainbow?!  

Glass jar of cat's eye and quartz gemstone chips.

Scented Candle with Gemstone Chips

A scented candle made from all organic, 100% sustainable plant material, essential oils, 100% cotton core wick, made for a clean burn.

Decorative natural gemstone chips with scented votive candle in glass jar

Fairy Stone

A legendary stone that is much beloved and coveted by collectors worldwide.

Natural fairy stone (1"-1.5")


This box is recommended only for those older than 14 years (with supervision of an adult), or awesome adults who love joyful glee of incredible gifts during the holiday season.

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