Iceland Spar Calcite Natural Gemstone Rhombus

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Iceland Spar

Stone for Clearing Energy

Iceland Spar is a polarizing gemstone of clearing energy. Iceland Spar diffuses negative energy and attracts positive energy. This gemstone facilitates a cleansing effect through your Chakras. The stone stimulates energy for personal development and creating awareness of personal goals. Iceland Spar is an exciting stone to work with as it gives you continual inspiration to reach for a higher plane of consciousness. Iceland Spar is also a wonderful stone for working with the Water Element and practices related to cleansing.

You will receive one Iceland Spar in the size range you have chosen. Specimens range from clear to honey or pinkish colored.

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful Spar calcite, bigger than I expected

This piece of spar calcite is very beautiful( it was very nice to get one as clear as possible as I requested)! It is labled small, but is much larger than I expected! It is every bit as lovely as the calcite tumbled stones that I love! I would buy it again!

Alchemy and Rhapsody
Iceland spar calcite

These are really cool. They look like ice cubes. I love them

Kevin Csupak
Great gems at a very reasonable price!

I got a large assortment of gems for my wife for Christmas and she loved all of them. The quality was great and the price was even better. I will definitely buy from this seller again!

It was even more cool in person ! Loved it !

It was even more cool in person ! Loved it !