Indigo Blue Obsidian Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Indigo Obsidian

Stone of the Water Element and Psychic Energy

Indigo Obsidian is a stone that brings peace and calm within your third eye and helps you find balance and connection with your mind & spirituality. Indigo Obsidian has a deep connection with the water element and brings clarity with your thoughts when you meditate with the stone. Its rich, luxurious blue color brings soothing energy to your mind, body and spirit. This stone is amazing for crystal healing as it resonates with a positive connection to your personal goals.

Indigo Obsidian is a man-made stone, and there are a rainbow of colors obsidian appears in the gemstone community.

You will receive one stone approximately 1" - 1.2".

These stones are great for work with crystal healing, crystal Yoga, Reiki work, making jewelry, and gemstone crafts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tallia Gluck
Love, love, love these two stones

These stones are such a beautiful shade of blue( like a really beautiful blue cobalt; I love blue cobalt!They are both really nice sizes; one is a little bigger! I am very glad that I bought them and would probably buy it again!

Amber Clark
Blue indigo obsidian

This stone for me was very soothing almost like I was holding water in my hands

Cyndi Lopez
Blue obsidian

I loved them.

Kay Peterson
Blue obsidian

I’m aware that this is a created }obsidian, but it a most beautiful polished blue glass. I simply love it....color, shape, quality, size....and it is beautiful in my extensive collection!

Wanda North

Its always in my BRA...the best energy ever