Laser Quartz Crystal Natural Gemstone Point

Laser Quartz Crystal - Stone for Crystal Healers

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Laser Quartz Crystal

Laser Quartz Crystal is a powerful healing tool that can be used to pinpoint and focus your energy to a specific location. It has a high level of energy that can be channeled into your work and offer an amplification of the work you are performing. Laser Quartz Crystal can be used as a wand, a beacon, and a focus tool. It's many purposes and uses create its high-demand and being an essential tool for work with crystal healing. As a wand the Laser Quartz Crystal can effectively spread energy over an area when held longways. As a focus tool it can be used from point-to-point to pinpoint areas where you wish the energy directed. As a beacon it works well with astral endeavors for channeling celestial energy.

Laser Quartz Crystal typically is tapered from a wider base to a point, and can have an etched surface.

You will receive one stone, of your choice of size:

Small - 1.2"-1.4"

Large - 2.5"-3"

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