Lepidolite Gemstone Tower Point

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Lepidolite

Stone for New Paths in Life

Lepidolite is an active gemstone that can help you to get out of ruts or stale routines in your life and move on towards better things. The cleansing power of Lepidolite is in its ability to help you remove the people & things from your life that are blocking you and keeping you from success and being able to recognize your own potential. The metaphysical properties of Lepidolite provide power to find inner peace, let go of grudges and negative thoughts, and be able to see your future with clarity. It is a wonderful gemstone to flush away bad behaviors and bad thoughts that keep you locked into a cycle of negativity. You will enjoy the calming effect of this gemstone when you meditate or sleep with it nearby.

Lepidolite is a shimmery gemstone that can be silver, translucent, maroon or purple in color. Its surface appears flaky, multi-layered and highly reflective.


You will receive one tower, approximately 2.5" tall with a 0.7" base.

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Customer Reviews

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Olivia W
So amazing!!:)

Such good energy! I absolutely love everything I've gotten from this shop!


Lepidolite Gemstone Tower Point

Tom Melo Jr.
Great product, but everything else...

I ordered a lepidolite tower and it was a great product, however, on the site it guaranteed delivery in 5 days and it took two weeks, so I didn’t have the item in time for the occasion for which it was ordered. If they were experiencing delays because of the pandemic they should remove the delivery guarantee from their site. I also ordered the item to be gift-wrapped with a personalized message and they neglected to do either. They refunded The cost of the gift wrapping and shipping. It was literally the least they could do. I think I’ll shop around next time.

Hi Tom :)

We were very responsive with your issue, and I apologize you thought the delivery estimate was a guarantee, but we do not guarantee delivery dates because we have no control over the USPS, UPS, or FedEx. No company has any control or influence with couriers. We did apologize that your gift wrap & gift message was missed, and that certainly was our fault, which is why we did immediately refund the gift wrap and the shipping charge because we felt bad it didn't arrive in time.