Mahogany Obsidian Gemstone Obelisk Tower Point

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Mahogany Obsidian

Stone for Blockage Removal & Protection

Mahogany obsidian forms a natural barrier around you which shields you from psychic attacks.  It is also a natural blockage remover who can swiftly dissolve many different forms of blockages which can occur through the 3 bodies.  It is a gemstone for those who want to have stability in their lives and find the respite of quiet happiness.  As a natural barrier it keeps out any source that is seeking to cause you spiritual trouble.  There is a wonderful vibration with this stone that fortifies your positive energy.


The obelisk shape is important in metaphysical endeavors. As a tower it stands for protection, strength, spiritual power and a linkage between the mortal & immortal worlds. Having an obelisk tower in your home will add great benefit to the mystic presence of energies around you. Obelisks behave like beacons that can amplify the natural powers of the stone they are carved from and can amplify energies of other gemstones in its presence. Its shape is a natural cleanser which repels negative energy in your living space.

You will receive one obelisk, approximately 3.5" - 4" tall with a 0.7" base

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Dianna Pitre
Absolutely beautiful.

It is everything I was hoping for. Beautiful markings and beautiful energy.

Korin Hughes

I only order from this company I love the quality of the crystals and definitely recommend them to my peers! I will definitely be a lifelong customer!