Turquenite Blue Howlite Merkaba Gemstone Star

Metaphysical Properties of Merkaba

What is the meaning of Merkaba?

Mer - the connecting bond of Light

Ka - the spirit or Astral body

Ba - the physical or Earthen body

The Merkaba star is the conduit between the Earthen Realm and the Astral Realm. The Merkaba brings with it the divine light of the Universe which will shine within you and around you as you work with the star. Those who want the path of a Seeker, Healer or Multi-Plane Walker find the Merkaba an essential part of their journey. You can use the Merkaba star to send your thoughts and memories into the Universe. In doing so you can meet and interact with Astral beings and dimensions that matter greatly to the success of your supernatural path. When you work with the Merkaba star during meditation you will feel the path of the Healer awaken. You will feel the power of Divinity waken within you and give you the courage to go after everything you have ever wanted for yourself in this life. You can use the Merkaba star to align yourself with an elevated consciousness and you can expand your immortal self through the spectrum of energies the star creates. The more you work with the star the more you discover and learn about the Universe. It is a vehicle through which you can explore the Astral Realm and know what is truly expected of you in this life and the next. The thoughts and energy you focus into the Merkaba star are all dispersed through the world and Universe. This makes them the perfect tools for working with magick and spiritual endeavors as you can blast your thoughts & energy into the limitless reaches of the Universe.

Metaphysical Properties of Turquenite

Gemstone of Memories

Turquenite is a stone to work with to dive into the memories and experiences of past lives. By working with this gemstone you uncover hidden, or lost, memories of your past lives that bear importance for you in this life. Turquenite is an energetic gemstone that facilitates memory recovery and in-depth meditation. You will engage in personal experiences that enlighten you for a brighter outlook on destiny.

Turquenite is howlite dyed to be bright-blue. It is often used by lapidary artists as a substitute for turquoise.

You will receive one merkaba, approximately 18mm-25mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Chrystal Collins

These were pretty cool. Awesome shape, awesome quality.


This isn’t turquoise this is dyed howlite, a still great stone that is also easy imitation, but not close in spiritual properties at all.

Allison M
These were a gift & are greatly loved!

These were a gift & are greatly loved!

Brittany Grasseschi
Shipped in time for me to receive presents for holidays and is a beautiful little addition to my ...

Shipped in time for me to receive presents for holidays and is a beautiful little addition to my collection. I love the descriptive notes that come with these products, you can tell a lot of care goes into sending these products out! :)