Merlinite Indigo Gabbro Natural Gemstone Palm Meditation Stone

Metaphysical Properties of Merlinite

Stone for Fire Element, Self Confidence, Power

Indigo Gabbro is a powerful stone which opens the channels of spirituality & comprehension through your mind, spirit and body.  For those who are working on their psychic & divination skills, or are pursuing paths of Mancy, this gemstone is a vital tool to have accompany you.  Indigo Gabbro amplifies, channels and focuses the powers related to clairauidence, clairvoyance and clairsentience.  Working with this stone helps you identify those gifts within yourself, develop those gifts, and hone your skills with greater personal influence and elevation.  This is a highly active stone on a spiritual level and becomes a personal part of your journey.

Indigo Gabbro is also known as Merlinite.

You will receive one palm stone, approximately 2" x 1.5".

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Customer Reviews

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Beautiful stone

Thank you for the love and care you packed everything with

A crystal of mystic

I absolutely love this Krystal I love my indigo marla💀 night because I am so attracted to it it has that resonating mystical and magical and mysterious aura and vibe to it can’t help but always look at it and just grab it off of my Moon alter thank you so much with love and light