Moldavite Gemstone Sterling Pendant

You will receive 1 Moldavite & Sterling Pendant in the style of your choice:

Planar Surface : a (mostly) flat-surfaced pendant with small variations in texture due to the nature of the stone.

Dimensional Surface : a thicker, chunkier pendant with visible peaks and valleys, made with more Moldavite.


Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Moldavite

There are precious few stones that radiate with the volume of energy that moldavite does, and for that reason it's quite valuable to all practitioners, mystics, and spiritualists. Moldavite is a stone whose powers of transformation and personal revolution have been much discussed in recent years. Because its creation was made possible by the heavenly bodies, Moldavite carries exceptional Celestial, Astral, and Ethereal energy which surges through the 3 Bodies. Moldavite assists in spiritual enlightenment, awakens a broader understanding of the universe, and imparts an intense power that can sometimes be overwhelming. Over time, as one works with their Moldavite, they will feel acclimatized to this surge of energy and learn to tap into it when they need it most. Moldavite is the stone of those who are seeking change, those who feel lost or powerless, and those who are ready for spiritual transformation.

Moldavite is a greenish shade, olive green, or deep green with a hint of brown. Depending on the thickness of the specimen, it may have semi-transparency or be almost opaque. Moldavite often displays bubbles and an uneven surface texture due to the way that it was formed. This is because of Lechatelierite (pure melted Silica) vermiform inclusions, created by the extreme heat of the falling meteorite melting terrestrial minerals at the site of impact. Rare jewelry-quality specimens are sometimes cut, polished, and faceted to show off their transparency and color.

While Moldavite is sometimes referred to as a Meteorite (and it may contain traces of meteorite melted in impact), it is technically a form of Tektite: natural glass created by the intense heat and pressure of Meteorite impact boiling the Earth’s natural minerals. While Tektites are not Meteorites themselves, Meteorites are the catalysts of their creation, traveling untold distances to meet the surface of our planet in fiery climax. The area near the Vltava River in the Czech Republic is known for its Moldavite, found in and near the Ries (Czech Republic) Crater. Smaller amounts of Moldavite have also been found at the Steinheim Crater in Germany.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Victoria Worley
Beautiful and magical

I absolutely love this necklace. I immediately felt the warmth and tingles of it just by holding it. Meditation with this is life changing. I have never felt this whole.

Amanda Andrews

Good sized and seems to be real Moldavite, I can even feel the sensations in my hand when I hold it!

Lindsay W
It’s just what I was looking for

The pendant looks just how I was hoping it would, great craftsmanship. I didn’t feel much the first day as I was expecting but I have since. I’ve loved the energy shift that’s been going on within and around me.

Raquel Espino
Moldavite pedant

I’m in Texas and delivery was fast, I'm even waiting for a Moldavite ring, and more now, packaging was on point, “the gemstone is real and is powerful!!!” ,I have noticed a lot of positive change in myself in this past two weeks. It keeps me more grounded and more open to change. Plus I got a moon stone for free which I love since I’m a pisces. Thank you crystal gemstone shop 🙏.

Yosdany Hernandez

Completely satisfied wit my purchase thank u nice moldavite stone and necklace