Mookaite Gemstone Orb Sphere Marble - Stone of True Motivation! - 20mm

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Mookaite

Mookaite is a beautiful Australian stone which is hailed and respected by the Aborigines. It is a stone which brings you motivation to embark upon all paths that are necessary for your success as well as revealing to you the truth of your weaknesses. In knowing the truth it motivates you to fix the problem and become the greatest version of yourself through this life. You will find this stone to be a mesmerizing source of personal power and unselfish support for your evolution. It is a stone which will give you deep roots to the core power and energy of the Earth. 

You will receive one Mookaite orb, measuring approximately 20mm.

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Customer Reviews

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Brandon Rushing
Mookaite Sphere

Awesome sphere. Makes me think I should’ve gotten a few of them.

Michelle Fosso

They’re beautiful - I love them.

Shon Brown
Mookaite Gemstones

I love my Mookaite Marble Gemstones! They were even more beautiful in person!