Moqui Marbles - Pair of Gemstones

Bring home the power of the Earth, millions of years in the making, as gemstones provide a raw and organic energy unlike any other. As you work with gemstones you come to appreciate not only their individual and unique abilities but also their collective power as gemstones boost each other, complement each other and form a harmonious atmosphere around you. Each gemstone holds its own mysterious and sacred energies gifted by the Earth and each gemstone brings something refreshing, empowering and new into your life. Find yourself being the caretaker of your own crystal garden and relish the benefits of the beauty, power and majesty of the Earth's most amazing creations.

Metaphysical Properties of Moqui Marbles

The Shaman Stone

Moqui marbles are also called "Shaman Stones" because of their amazing breadth of power as related to the Shamanic journey. They provide focus while opening all of the senses for Shamanic visions and revelations during your sleep cycle or meditation. The word "Moqui" (móókwi) means "the dead' in Hopi language. Natives believe their deceased ancestors returned to Earth after sundown to play with the marbles. They are used in pairs (one male, one female) to bring a balance within yourself and within your life. They keep you grounded and surrounded by life-promoting energies. Moqui marbles are protective stones that safeguard against evil energy, malicious forms of magick attack and psychic attacks. They are supportive during out of body experiences as they bring both memory retention and memory recall. They are an extraordinary stone found in the Moqui Desert towards the northern area of the Grand Canyon in Utah.

Each stone is approximately 1-2.5" across. You will receive one male and one female stone.

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Customer Reviews

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My goodness, the energy!

Very happy with my purchase--I received one sphere and one "mushroom" shaped marble, love the set. So much energy, I could feel it right away ♥ ♥

Love them!!

Really nice pair; felt their energy immediately. Also love my two freebies as well. Thank you guys so much!

This shop went above and beyond for my purchase as they were very direct and personal.

This shop went above and beyond for my purchase as they were very direct and personal. I'm not used to shop putting in that much effort in packaging and overall experience! My purchase came with a guide for the crystals I had bought and a bonus gift! Shipping was super fast and I can tell that quality ranks above quantity. Thanks guys! Expect many more orders in the future!

Stones with playful energy!

Stones with playful energy! Shipped very quickly and everything was wrapped individually and very well. Thank you for the promptness and carefulness with this order! :)

While they are somewhat ill-matched, they still have character.

While they are somewhat ill-matched, they still have character. They are excellent otherwise, came safely packaged, and swiftly too.