Moss Agate 40mm Gemstone Sphere Orb

Metaphysical Properties of Moss Agate

Stone of Organic Power

Moss Agate is a gemstone that promotes growth, organic power, earthly elemental energy and will reveal to you the many connections you have with the Earth's core energy. If you are looking to have a fresh start in life, if you want to renew a relationship or situation, or if you want to restore happiness to your life then moss agate is a fantastic stone to work with. You become quickly grounded when using this stone and you feel well-connected to the Earth. If you need support for your logical mind the gemstone moss agate stimulates your mind's agility and flexibility. If you place moss agate in your garden it will provide positive energy and growth-promoting power to your foliage. It is a wonderful gemstone for those who want to work with controlling the Earth's Elemental powers as it naturally resonates to all the Elements; Air, Earth, Fire, Water.

Moss agate is a milky white gemstone with green spots that look like growth of moss. There can be dense pockets of green or tendrils or stringy green appearance.


This orb is approximately 40mm.

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Customer Reviews

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I really love this sphere. It looks like a mini Earth with green land masses & blue lakes.

Moss agate sphere

Beautiful sphere! I’ve ordered quite a few from this shop and haven’t been disappointed yet!