Natural Fulgurite - Sand Fused into Glass - Lightning & Ethereal Energy

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Fulgurite

Struck from Lightning in the Sand

Fulgurite is filled with energy and helps you forge new paths in your life. As a formation brought about by lightning, Fulgurite is fused sand which turns to glass. Its unusual, often tublar shape, is conducive to channeling primal and astral energies from deep within. Fulgurite is a highly active formation that will invigorate and excite you to be more in tune with your divinity.

Fulgurite is sand-colored and sometime grey. It has a delicate structure and you can clearly see the sand in the specimen. These pieces are not uniform and each piece has a unique shape.

These specimens were found in Polk County, Florida.

You will receive 1 piece, of your choice of size:

Extra Small: 17mm-25mm long x 10mm-15mm wide (nugget size)

Small: 42mm-50mm long x 6mm-7mm wide (straw-like)

Medium: 45mm-53mm long x 15mm-17mm wide

Large: 70mm-80mm long x 15mm-20mm wide

Jumbo: 60mm long x 36mm wide

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Wonderful little gem!