Nguni Jasper Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Nguni Jasper

Stone of Wild Nature & Unpredictability

Nguni Jasper is a gemstone of wild temperament and facilitation of the unexpected and unpredictable. Nguni Jasper draws out your wild side and grounds you to the core energies of the Earth. Working with Nguni Jasper brings you an organic sensation as you feel enlightened by the circumstances and people around you. If you are in a rut in your life, if you feel you need to reconnect with the power of Mother Nature, or if you feel like you need to step into the wilderness of the supernatural, Nguni Jasper is a fantastic gemstone to work with. This gemstone speaks to the roots of humanity and the roots of creation which makes it resonate highly to all personal work in organic energy.

Nguni Jasper is a tan or beige colored stone with spotty patterns of darker brown throughout which appear in spots or linear form.

You will receive one polished stone approximately 1" - 1.5". Your stone may be slightly smaller or larger as these are approximate sizes.

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Bliss
Nguni Jasper

I'm LOVING this one! Nice colors, pattern, tumble! Two Thumbs UP!

Janice Sandt
Great Stone

The Nguni Jasper is really nice. All stones I receive from Crystal Gemstone Shop are great.

Rachel Selima
Call of the Wild

Really felt a strong earth, animal, and wild connection with this stone. Very lovely.

Thank you

Gemmy quality, affordable price, fast delivery. I've been wanting a nguni jasper for some time now and I finally got one.

The stones are really beautiful, and they arrived safely and quickly.

The stones are really beautiful, and they arrived safely and quickly. Great shopping experience. Thank you for the gift!