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These Nguni Jasper polished stones are freeform gems with a unique pattern that led them to be named after cattle. Nguni Jasper is a wonderful crystal to work with if you want to work on your instincts, intuition, and psychic perception or if you wish to tap into your self preservation mindset. Meditate with Nguni Jasper when you need to roll with the punches and adapt quickly to changes in your life.

Product Information:

These Nguni Jasper gemstones measure approximately 0.8 - 1.25 Inch long.

As these specimens are freeform, they may be flat or dimensional and may feature irregular shaping, slight texture, or inclusions

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Nguni Jasper
Nguni Jasper is a gemstone of wild temperament and facilitation of the unexpected and unpredictable. Nguni Jasper draws out your wild side and prepares you to adapt to changes. Working with Nguni Jasper brings you an organic sensation as you feel enhanced insight and intuition, almost on an instinctual level. If you are in a rut in your life, if you feel you need to reconnect with the power of Mother Nature, or if you feel like you need to step into the wilderness of the supernatural, Nguni Jasper is a fantastic gemstone to work with. This gemstone speaks to the roots of humanity and the roots of creation which makes it resonate highly to all personal work in organic energy.

Nguni Jasper Properties
Nguni Jasper is a tan or beige colored stone with streaky or spotty patterns of darker brown throughout which appear in spots or linear form. It is thought to have been named after the Nguni cattle in South Africa.

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Owl Wheat

Love the fair to light colorings amazing size and honestly it like brings me j o y.

Amy Jo LaBellarte

Absolutely beautiful stone. Very happy with it.

Jason Bernier
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Debbie Metz
Good quality items as described, fast reli...

Good quality items as described, fast reliable shipping. I am happy with my purchase.

Stacy Roob
Beautiful stone. Exactly as pictured & des...

Beautiful stone. Exactly as pictured & described. Extremely well packaged and fast shipping. Thank you for the bonuses!