Obsidian Gemstone 40mm Orb Sphere

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Obsidian

Stone to Clear Negativity

Obsidian is a gemstone which clears negativity, voids and blockages from your aura and 3 bodies. You will enjoy the restorative effect obsidian has when it dissolves the negative clouds of energy. It is also a protective stone that will safeguard you from psychic attacks. Obsidian surrounds you with its natural shield and keeps your mind clear of ailing energy.sh to work with divination and mancy prehnite will give you a valuable surge of power with which you can amplify and strengthen your psychic skills.

The buffalo totem is a guide for prosperity, sacred-life, and admiration. Working with the buffalo spirit guide will spark new adventures for you in your spiritual path.

You will receive one gemstone orb; approximately 40mm.

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