Only $9.95 Gemstone Pick Box - $29.95 Value

Limited Time & Quantity

You get a Pick Box of gems & items from our shop for just $9.95

You will get a total of 7 items from our shop valued at a total of $29.95 or more -- for only $9.95 !

They are in limited quantity & for a limited time 😍

The gems will be a mix of tumbled and rough, and will vary in size and shape.  The boxes may feature same, different, or similar items, and you may also receive non-gemstone items like sage, incense, soap, accessories, etc. Items are chosen by our team, based on availability, and are not subject to request. Items may feature manmade or treated gemstone types (Opalite, Goldstone, etc).

This offer cannot be combined with any other discounts.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Terri Walsh
Mystery box of stones

What a thrill 😃. Amazing variety, loved them all 💕.

Brandon conway
Great little surprise

Got this box with my first order and loved all that showed up! Added it with the rest.

Great box of crystals!

Another awesome box of crystals that came with a strawberry agate pendant along with plenty of other crystals including some that was a rough rose quartz, a purple amethyst, a purpelite, and rough black tourmaline. Really great box of crystals I'm glad I really got it for the Great value it was thank you!

Veronica R Adams
Great box of crystals!

Best little gift out of this was the picture green Jasper pendant and then the four or five other crystals that came to including the amazonite, and the dalmatian one. They were really pretty the other ones were too well worth the $10 to get these and bought a second box with the next review.

I love a good mystery, and this one is GREAT!!

The first mystery Gemstone box I received was so wonderful, I am still blown away by everything in it!! I was hoping this sale would happen again, so I ordered 2 this time, and I am seriously considering ordering 2 more. Everything in these boxes are high quality, perfect quality, and just absolutely lovely. I ADORE CGS for all of my crystal purchases. I wouldn't shop anywhere else!!