Orange Calcite Raw Rough Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Cleansing Power and Orange Calcite Meaning

Stone is Conduit to Spiritual Realm

Orange Calcite is a conduit between you and the Spiritual Realm. It creates a bond between you and the spirits around you. It will help you to overcome the darker aspects of life through mental fortitude and focus. The gemstone helps you to preserve through difficult aspects in your life while maintaining grace and hope. You will find orange calcite is the foundation of positive power you need to become a stronger person. It stimulates your Sacral Chakra and leads you to fulfilling your spiritual beliefs and honoring your internal wisdom. The gemstones gives you a close radius of spiritual vision and enlightenment.

You will receive one stone, approximately 1 3/4"-2 1/4" in length.

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Customer Reviews

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Jasmine Rey
It’s perfect

It’s already making a difference in my life.

Beautiful piece!

Arrived safely and packed with care, is much bigger than i thought it would be, and is absolutely gorgeous! I am definitely looking forward to my next purchase from this shop!!