Petrified Wood Natural Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Petrified Wood

Stone of the Earth's Energies

Petrified Wood is a conduit between you and the Earth's energy. The Earth Element is alive and thriving within this gemstone and with it's company you wll discover your roots in the meaning of life here on Earth. Petrified Wood has a lovely resonance that provides natural vibrations that can stimulate your supernatural abilities. It is a gemstone that promotes communication and interaction with the spirits of nature and can provide visions & manifestations of spirit guides. If you need a strong grounding stone Petrified Wood is the perfect stone to work with as its metaphysical properties provide a deep connection to the supernatural powers of nature. Petrified Wood lifts your spirits and helps you to feel at peace with everything around you.

Petrified Wood can look like raw pieces of wood that have turned to stone or they can be beautiful tumbled gemstones of hues of brown; sometimes with tree rings.

You will receive one Petrified Wood Slice in the size range you have chosen. Specimens vary greatly, as they are natural, organic materials. 

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stacy fiano
My favorite grounding stone

I love this rock and this site. They gave me the most awesome free gifts when I order. Amazing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beautiful gemstones, thanks so much!

Beautiful gemstones, thanks so much!

Haley Ladner
Very nice packaging and I even got a bonus stone.

Very nice packaging and I even got a bonus stone. :) Handled with lots of care!

I have never been that satisfied by a purchase before!

I have never been that satisfied by a purchase before!! I was so pleasantly surprised when I received my package!! Every item is gorgeous and very high quality and very well wrapped up! The package was very pretty itself and the seller even included extra stones and a lot of informative sheets, much appreciated! Will definitely buy from this shop again and again!!❤️❤️❤️✨

Awesome specimens.

Awesome specimens......exactly what I hoped for.