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Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower Obelisk
Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower
Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower Obelisk
Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower Obelisk
Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower
Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower Obelisk

Phoenix Pine Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower Obelisk

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Ajoite is a stunning blue stone that is also known as phoenix pine. It isn't too uncommon for this stone to form with quartz, leading to ajoite in quartz also being a gorgeous stone in its own right. They work well for crystal tower or gemstone tower decorations.

Product Information

You will receive one tower, of your choice of size. These towers are made of natural Ajoite and may feature small caverns or pits consistent with the growth of the stone within surrounding matrix.

Metaphysical Properties of Phoenix Pine

Ajoite (also known as Phoenix Pine) connects us to the Universal consciousness which speaks to all living creatures on a primal level. It helps you connect to the Universal power of psychic abilities for receiving more global visions and realizations throughout life. Ajoite is a lively stone that nurtures our path for enlightenment and higher thinking. It is a great stone for opening the mind & spirit together for harmonious mingling during crystal healing practices. Associated with the Chakras of the Third Eye, Throat, and Heart, Phoenix Pine is an exceptional stone for aligning the intentions of the mind and soul, and expressing them with clarity, honesty, and passion. Ajoite is a stone for transformation, evolution, and continued growth in the mystic areas of our lives. 

Ajoite is a bright blue or greenish stone that resembles the hues of the Caribbean ocean. It is often found within Quartz and sometimes alongside Chrysocolla as well! 

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Specimens are natural materials and stones may feature natural internal fractures, dips, caverns, or inclusions consistent with the growth pattern of the stone. Coloration varies from specimen to specimen.Photos indicate the type, style, material, and quality range of the item. The exact specimens shown in photos may no longer be available.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jude Allen
A simply gorgeous stone

I love love love this stone! The energy is wonderful and the colors are luminous. It is exactly as depicted and arrived quickly. My cat keeps rubbing his head on it which is always a positive vote! Will buy from this vendor again!

Robin Ward
Positively stunning. I have these right in...

Positively stunning. I have these right in from of me while I write. An asset to Etsy. Please purchase from them. A+++

Mary Ann Segars
Super Stone

This Phoenix Pine is beautiful! It was shipped quickly, packaged with great care and arrived on time. I am extremely happy with my experience with this shop and I love, love, love this stone.

Mary Ann Watsica
The Ajoite Phoenix Pine I ordered was ship...

The Ajoite Phoenix Pine I ordered was shipped quickly and was packaged with great care. I appreciated the 'thank you' included in the package. This gemstone is high quality and larger than expected. I love its energy and am enjoying using it during meditation. I highly recommend this shop as they obviously value the quality of their product(s) and their customers.

Paul Tarasi
Amazing Phoenix Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower!

Thank you for this Amazing Phoenix Ajoite Gemstone Point Tower! It is Beautiful! I will use this magnificent crystal with my Spiritual practice. Namaste. Paul