Pink Mangano Calcite Gemstone Tumbled

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Pink Mangano Calcite

Stone of the Heart Chakra

Pink Mangano Calcite is a gemstone that activates and works with the Heart Chakra for opening you to a world of love and acceptance. Pink Mangano Calcite has a soft and constant energy that encourages happiness, self-confidence, and enhances self-esteem. Working with Pink Mangano Calcite brings you a bond to the power of universal love and joy. This gemstone has a collective charm that helps lull you into a deep state of meditation and wisdom. It's soft and engaging energy encourages you for a greater appreciation of the blessings for life.   

Pink Mangano Calcite is a soft pink gemstone that can have bands of lighter pink or white.

You will receive one stone approximately 0.5"- 1". Sizes are approximate and yours may be slightly smaller or larger.

Some of these stones have natural druzy pockets or caverns which are typical of Pink Mangano Calcite. 

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Customer Reviews

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Janice Sandt
It Is So Beautiful

The Pink Mangano Calcite is just so beautiful. I like working with it.


I was expecting to receive something similar in the listed picture, with its main pink hues and layers of white and black, so I was quite disappointed when the mangano calcite I received was mainly white with very pale, vague bands of pink instead. However, the stone is quite large in size, and the druzy pockets remind me positively of honeycomb chocolate, so I'm having mixed feelings.

Stacy Vegera

absolutely beautiful !

Mel Briggs

I love my crystals & how they were sent in gift boxes & wrap so unique. I am definitely ordering more.

Kristen Boyle

I love them