Pink Dyed Quartz Gemstone Butterfly Totem Animal Guardian Carving Bead

You will receive one Butterfly bead, measuring approximately 0.8" - 1" tall and approximately 1" - 1.25" wide, with a thickness of approximately 4mm - 6mm. These butterflies are made of dyed Quartz.

Butterfly shape varies, as these are hand-carved items. These are beads, drilled from the top of the butterfly's head to its bottom.

Specimens are made of dyed Quartz and may exhibit slight color variations from stone to stone. Internal fractures, inclusions, or patches of underlying Quartz may be visible.

Symbolism of the Butterfly

The Butterfly is a captivating shape, often associated with the soul and transformation. They are Nature's reminder that we are all creatures of constant change, and they bring with them the fortitude and flexibility to adapt to new circumstances. The butterfly, like the phoenix, is a symbol of rebirth and reinvention, helping us shed the old so we can better appreciate the new!

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, and Meaning of Dyed Quartz

Quartz is a fantastic stone whose wide range of metaphysical properties and powers make it the perfect focal stone for seeking mental clarity, amplifying the strength of other stones, and bringing balance to your Chakras.  Quartz is a stone that helps us let go of stressful and chaotic energies, allowing us the grace to turn our minds toward what is really important.  It brings cleansing energies to help repair spiritual wounds, irritations, and resentments. 

Quartz is a clear to white crystal, known for its internal fractures and inclusions of other minerals. When it is dyed, it may exhibit streaks, splotches, or “crackles” of the dye color, depending on how the dye has been accepted by the stone. Often it is dyed bright colors, with each shade being associated with a different chakra: 

Red Quartz : Root Chakra (Stability & Security)
Orange Quartz : Sacral Chakra (Passion & Sensuality)
Yellow Quartz : Solar Plexus Chakra (Willpower & Decision Making)
Pink or Green Quartz : Heart Chakra (Love & Emotional Equilibrium)
Teal Quartz : Throat Chakra (Self-Expression & Communication)
Blue Quartz : Third Eye Chakra (Intuition & Awareness)
Purple Quartz : Crown Chakra (Spiritual Awakening & Self-Actualization)

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A gift for my sister

My sister loves this color, so I chose it for her. She loves the shape as well. I highly recommend this piece. It's small enough to fit in your pocket, and it's pretty as well.