Chiastolite Polished Stone Slice

Metaphysical Properties, Meanings, and Uses of Chiastolite

Stone for the Faithful & Spiritual

Chiastolite is the gemstone of the faithful, spiritual and miracle-workers. For those who feel they have lost their way in life chiastolite can bring you an overwhelming sense of well-being and restore lost faith. The gemstone promotes deep connections of happiness and self-confidence and will draw you closer to your belief system. It is a gemstone that brings reflection, wisdom and grace. Any time you hold or work with the stone you find yourself in a more pensive and self-aware state of mind. If you enjoy meditation you will love the fact chiastolite can lull you into deep states of clarity in meditation. It promotes prophetic dreams and visions.

You will receive 1 stone of your choice of size, approximately (on the longest side):

Small: 1"-1.5"

Medium: 1.5"-2"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Ana Mendivil

I love it!!!

Kathleen Doyle
Charming Chiastolite

Love my Chiastolite slice, I have a small heart, and a raw stone, now I have a slab to add to my collection

Keith Webber
Wonderful energy

I placed this Stone along with unicite in my pillow and I have never slept better. Although I dream a lot more.

Janice Sandt
I Love My Stone

This is a really beautiful stone just like everything from Crystal Gemstone Shop

Melissa Evans