Prasiolite-Green Amethyst-Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Prasiolite

Stone for Deep Connection

Prasiolite is a gorgeous green stone also known as Smoky Green Quartz, Vermarine, Green Amethyst and Green Quartz. Prasiolite creates a powerful and deep connection to the Earth. Through the power of Prasiolite you feel a close connection to the divine energy of your soul. You feel all forms of love at the same time as they reverberate through your 3 bodies. This stone has a gentle and warming heartbeat all its own. As you work with this gemstone you will remove all forms of negativity that cloud your mind, judgment and future. This is the perfect stone for healers as it is so malleable in energy and power.

Prasiolite is a pale green stone that is see-through. It can vary from almost clear to deeply-saturated green in color.  These specimens are from Malawi.

You will receive one stone approximately 0.6"-1.1" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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Tallia Gluck
not like the polished gemstone that I am used to

I have some jewelry in prasiolite! Maybe I expected the tumbled stone to look like my jewelry! This tumbled stone is very pretty, but not clear light green and has a lot of white in it which was unexpected, but altogether, very nice!txs

Rachel Selima

I love the color and vine of this stone! Pristine, and clarifying.

Holley Aspasia
Beautiful crystals

Thank you so much for the beautiful crystals and shopping experience. I moved states and have been staying home during Covid. Shopping for crystals without seeing or holding them was unfamiliar. I couldn't ask for a better way to become familiar with the experience. My purchase looked even better in person and I couldn't be more pleased. They will have a good home with me. All the best

Toni H
Green amethyst

Love their packaging 😊

Very fast shipping! Well-packaged. Beautiful stone. Great...

Very fast shipping! Well-packaged. Beautiful stone. Great transaction.