Prehistoric Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Prehistoric Shark Tooth

Stone of Protection & Divine Calm

Prehistoric Shark Teeth are fossils that have incredible energy and are a natural link between you and the Water Element. Shark teeth provide protective energies and strike a chord with your own predatory abilities. Carrying or wearing Shark Teeth was said to provide protection against evil spirits and believed to keep sailors safe while at sea. Through many ancient cultures finding a Shark Tooth was a good omen and thought to bring good luck for life. Shark Teeth are excellent fossils to work with in order to align yourself with the powers of the Water Element and help you identify and work with your channels to the primal, ancient forces of nature. Each tooth has its own energy signature which makes collections of Shark Teeth very active with energy.

***These are real shark teeth, they are not made from a mold.  This means as fossils they are not going to be perfect.  They are going to have natural indentations, discolorations, and some may have surface wear or light chips, because they are dug from sand or the ground, after being there for thousands, or millions, of years.***

You will receive 1 shark tooth of your choice of size; sizes are approximate, yours may be slightly smaller or slightly larger.

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Customer Reviews

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Jacqueline Papadopoulos
Love this

Love my tooth. Perfect size. Great for the reason I'm using it

Rachel Selima
Had to Get Another

Got a Megalodon Tooth from another company many years back. Recently broke (no fault of that company, or the quality of their product); clearly my tooth did it's job! Figured I'd replace it, and couldn't beat the price here!

Azilya Deal
Megalodon tooth

Super cool

EvvyAnna C
Love it!!

The tooth is super cool and was a gift for my sister, she loves it! Thank you :)

marissa novak

Prehistoric Megalodon Shark Tooth Fossil