Pyrite Tumbled Gemstone - Multiple Sizes!

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Pyrite

Powerful Stone of Protection

Pyrite is a powerful stone for protection. It has long been hailed for its protective powers and ability to shield anyone holding or wearing the stone from negative energy, evil spirits, psychic attacks, malicious magic, etc. In its ability to protect it also promotes healing of voids and ruptures throughout the 3 bodies while sweeping clean the Chakras and auric field. When you wear or hold pyrite you open a gateway of energy for attracting success, prosperity and good luck to your life. When you want to cast protective spells or cleansing rituals it is best to surround yourself in pyrite either in a grid or circle formation. The pyrite stone will siphon away the negative energy and build your positive energy. The more you work with pyrite the better you will find yourself with clarity, balance and peace from deep within. Pyrite is an incredibly powerful and influential stone.

Pyrite is a gold stone with a glittery or shimmer surface. Pyrite is often called "Fool's Gold" as it was often mistaken for gold by miners. 

You will receive one stone of your choice of size, approximately:

Small: 0.5"-0.75"

Medium: 0.75"-1"

Large: 1"-1.25"

Jumbo: 1.3"-1.5"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Two very beautiful jumbo pyrite stones

I received two very beautiful pyrite stone even though both stones are different in size, so when I first looked at them it did not seem that they were both jumbo, but the two photos of the stone show the stone is longer and the other two photos of the second, show that one has more depth!

Very beautiful jumbo pyries

I got two very beautiful pieces of jumbo pyrite stone! I thought at first glance that both were not jumbo, but one is longer( north to south and the other one is shorter that way, but has more depth! I am including two photos of each stone! The one on the right is longer!

Excellent jumbo pyrite tumbled gemstones

I love both of these jumbo pyrite gemstones! They are both a nice size and are both very beautiful! They exceeded my expectations!

Olivia Weatherly

Wow love it

Iso Novoso
Always love the energy!

good for orgone energy clearing negative space in the environment.