Quartz with tourmaline Gemstone Pendant

Metaphysical Properties of Quartz

Quartz is a fantastic stone whose wide range of metaphysical properties and powers make it the perfect stone for your memory, mental power & growth, storing memories & information, and resonating with personal evolution and strength.  Quartz is a very powerful stone that is further enhanced by our complementary spells.

It helps to remove stress energies & plaguing energies that are normally picked up by everyone, every day.  It brings cleansing energies to help repair irritations to the spiritual energy as a result of the stress & plaguing energies.  It brings balance to your physical, spiritual & astral bodies so you can feel healthier, stronger and more focused to get through the day no matter what!

Metaphysical Properties of Black tourmaline

Black Tourmaline possesses natural powers of good luck and healing. It resonates with the Root Chakra and allows for you to repel negative energy away from you. The gemstone possesses a highly influential energy that can bring significant improvement in various areas of your path related to luck and restoration. Black Tourmaline brings good luck & repels bad luck, surrounds you with healing & rejuvenating energies, promotes healing in areas of voids in the 3 bodies, soothes frazzled energy for better focus & concentration. Black Tourmaline is a great stone for those who want create greater motivation and focus in their life. In the morning Black Tourmaline can give supportive power to your mind and help you find clarity. It shields you against the bad intentions of others while raising your positive energy to enlighten you and bring a harmonious atmosphere.

You will receive one pendant, approximately 1" - 2" long.  Each of the pendants is unique.

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Customer Reviews

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Julie Crouch


Beautiful Piece

I love this pendant I have barely taken it off since it arrived. The tourmaline pieces are beautiful in an array of colors. The silver polish that covers the glue that holds them on the quartz is still beautiful. The quartz tip is wonderful, even though it’s not exactly a point (more rounded point tip) I find that probably helps when wearing as a necklace because it won’t poke you. A little bit of the silver coating the top of the quartz has come off but it’s still beautiful and I didn’t buy it for the silver paint. Wonderful to meditate with, connection is easy with this piece. Thanks so much Crystal Gemstone shop!

Loved It!

The pendant was so beautiful and well made.

Roselyn Natividad

pretty stone and delivery on time

Melinda Sinegar

Have bought a few times here and the Crystals the communication and pricing are amazing. Will continue to purchase here one of my favorite online stores.