Pink Mangano Calcite Natural Rough Gemstone - Medium One Stone

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This delicate pink gemstone is Mangano Calcite, a Heart Chakra crystal. Rough gemstones like these showcase the organic beauty of the stone, in all its earthy glory. Whether used as home decor, added to your altar table, or given as a gift, Pink Mangano Calcite sends a clear message of affection and confidence.

Pink Mangano Calcite is all about acceptance: both of the self and of others, which is why it is often associated with unconditional love. It is an excellent support stone for those who are working on their self esteem or self image, since it promotes mindfulness, compassion, and security. Give Pink Mangano Calcite as a gift to friends or family and share the tender appreciation with those you love.

Product Information:
You will receive one Pink Mangano Calcite rough gemstone measuring approximately 1.25 - 2.25 inches long.

These specimens are a pale pastel pink and since they are rough gemstones they feature texture, dips, irregular shaping, and sometimes mineral inclusion.

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Customer Reviews

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Marilyn Burks
A lovely stone with a good vibration

This is a loving stone with which to meditate. I would definitely recommend it.

Kimberly Bashirian
Fast shipping and good quality

Fast shipping and good quality

Lorilin Meyer Flatley
Beautiful pink color. Very glossy and pret...

Beautiful pink color. Very glossy and pretty.

Kendra Swift
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Celeste Napodano
Absolutely Gorgeous

When you buy sight unseen you never know what you will get but this was selected as if I picked it myself, so beautiful and perfect. I love it! It's my favorite stone and such an amazing pink florescent glow under a black light. I am very happy with my purchase.