Rough Rainbow Moonstone Raw Gemstones

Metaphysical Properties, Uses, Healing Powers & Meaning of Rainbow Moonstone

Stone of Lunar Energy

Rainbow moonstone is a gemstone of inspiration and inner-divinity. The stone becomes an integral part of your life as it brings much-needed focus and awareness not only of ourselves but how we are living our lives and how important the decisions we make are for our future. Rainbow moonstone is a gemstone that is a conduit to the immortal forces of the Universe; bringing you closer to the lunar energies and powers within our solar system. You will feel a refreshing & cleansing energy come through you as hold or wear the stone. When used during meditation it can lull you into a deep state of inner-consciousness which promotes enlightenment and the receipt of visions from divine forces. The stone promotes a positive energy flow and gives you clarity where your sacred mind and energy are concerned. You will feel a burst of celestial energy within you when you wear or hold the stone during a Full Moon. It relieves stress, promotes inner-peace and dives into the core of your soul as it activates your divine power.

Some of these stones have minimal flash.

You will receive 1 stone, approximately .75"-2" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rachel Selima
Crescent Luna

Love the lunar energy coming from this stone. Definitely helps me balance my hormones, and helps with "that time of the month." Powerful and yet subtle.

allison hancock

i’m never sure if i can trust websites but this one is great! they’re even pretty big, and nlt super small like ones from other shops and super cheap! love this shop!

Emma Harrington

Rough Rainbow Moonstone Raw Gemstones

Stephanie Pittman
Excellent quality 👌

My Rainbow moonstone is a great color blend and fantastic cut.

Angela Skipper
Ready for Cancer Season

Love my stones. /crystals. Moonstone is wonderful. Activating one now so that the full moon will shine on it and I will meditate my intentions under this Full moon/ lunar eclipse!