Ruby Fuchsite Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Ruby Fuchsite

Stone of the Heart and Crown Chakras

Ruby Fuchsite is the stone that promotes a healthy Heart Chakra. Anything and everything to do with the heart is stimulated, embraced and empowered by this gemstone. It provides tremendous channels and linkages between your Heart & Crown Chakras and will provide vivid psychic visions and insight into why you behave certain ways and why your heart is open to some things & closed to others. When you work with this stone it clears any blockages that have formed where love and your heart are concerned. It promotes positive & healthy energies for good relationships with others and a good self-image by cycling negative energy into positive energy. If you want to open your heart to new experiences, find forgiveness or be able to move past things love-related, or open yourself to new experiences this gemstone will help you in remarkable ways.

Ruby Fuchsite is green with ivory and red spots. Its formation is sort of reminiscent of a Van Gogh painting. There can be swirls in the green and ivory coloring with the ruby spots scattered throughout the gemstone.

You will receive one stone approximately 1" - 1.3" on the longest side.

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I received my Ruby Fuchsite very quickly. ...

I received my Ruby Fuchsite very quickly. Crystalgemstoneshop kept me up-to-date as to when the item was shipping, the shipping information and so forth. Everything was packaged really well. I love the logo of the shop. I highly recommend crystalgemstoneshop, and I'll be doing more business with them as well!!

Absolutely amazing stones!

Absolutely amazing stones! I could feel the energy from the stones the second I took them out of box. A very happy customer!

Purchased a variety of stones from this shop.

Purchased a variety of stones from this shop. Not only did I receive them as described, but got a really amazing print out description of each item. Like many other comments, I also received a gift from the shop. Pleased with their service! Thanks so much.