Himalayan Halite Salt Lamp with Cord & Bulb

Metaphysical Properties, Uses & Meaning of Himalayan Salt (Halite)

Himalayan Salt is a fantastic mineral to work with. Halite is known to give balance to unbalanced emotions, to help you control the feelings and emotions you feel in situations & towards others, and will help you draw out negative energy from within you & your aura and cleanse the energy. You can use Himalayan Salt to cleanse the energy of any other gemstone or mineral by keeping Halite near them or using Halite in a bowl of water along with your crystals. Be aware Himalayan Salt will dissolve in water so do not place any specimen of Halite in water unless you want it to sustain damage. Himalayan Salt is one of the most powerful cleansing minerals known to those who practice organic, holistic, and metaphysical forms of cleansing.

Halite Salt Lamps are heralded for their cleansing abilities when it comes to the home. Himalayan Salt cleanses your indoor atmosphere from indoor pollutants. Halite is a natural, protective barrier against unwanted electromagnetic emissions. Himalayan Salt Lamps are purported to provide a beneficial relief to those who suffer from asthma, allergies from household pets, and common forms of mold. The gentle glow the Halite lamp provides gives your room ambient light that calms your nerves. It makes a great night light as it is enough light to see but not enough to be distracting. It also the perfect ambient light for meditation and quiet time.


You will receive 1 salt lamp, between 6" - 7 1/2" in height. This does come with the cord & bulb :)

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutely fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!

Loved it ! Crystals and the Himalayan salt

Loved loved loved! I was so happy how everything came and worked! Was like getting a Christmas present

Himalayan salt lamp

I love this lamp. Great quality. I have purchased a few from different vendors and I have to say the quality is good. I cannot put in on my night sand for a night light because the light that emanates is bright and beautiful. However I put it on my side table in living room and it's perfect. I hope to one day purchase a dimmable lamp from you.soon

Great quality!

My salt lamp is a perfect addition to my room. Enjoying the benefits. The glow is just beautiful, and the wood base is nice.

Excellent item!

In addition to it’s beneficial properties, this is an Objet d’Art.