Selenite Gemstone Bowl with Tumbled Stone

Selenite is an amazing stone that offers cleansing energy, and has a peaceful vibe that brings positive energy to any home or office.

Along with the selenite bowl you will receive a tumbled gemstone that relates to your selection in the drop-down menu. The tumbled stone will be chosen based on your request. For example, a rose quartz stone or a pink agate stone may be chosen for the "Stone for Love".

We offer a bowl with a zodiac gemstone, or a gemstone that relates life events such as love, good luck, prosperity, etc.

You place the selenite bowl and gemstone together anywhere you normally work, meditate, sleep, practice Yoga, or work with crystal healing.

Metaphysical Properties of Selenite

Stone of Clarity

Selenite is a wonderful stone for those who need strong support and guidance in decision-making. This gemstone brings clarity, focus and honesty within your thoughts and mind. It works by clearing all blockages and invigorating you with energizing cleansing and restoration. As you work with selenite you can feel a connection to lunar powers and energy form within all of your 3 bodies. You have linkage and connection for Astral power. This Astral energy keeps you from having a stale or mundane life. It breaths new ideas, hope and grace into your mind & spirit.

You will receive 1 selenite bowl that is 2" in diameter, and 1 tumbled gemstone that is between 0.75"-1.1" in size, that relates to your choice of kit.

This is recommended for adults.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Cristy Murjan

Good vibrations! I am IN LOVE with it! Honed beautifully with care. Couldn’t be more pleased with my purchase!

Olivia Weatherly

I love this it is so cute definitely recommend

Very Attractive

I stumbled on this website and they really have a great selection of crystals, gem stones and rocks. I purchased a few different items the selenite bowl is about 1.5-2” in diameter.
Their shipping is reasonable and quick.

Josee B
Super cute

I ordered 3. Super amazed by the look. Pretty little bowls I will use to charge my crystals. Unfortunately, one of them was I little broken in shipping but I didn’t find those bowls for the same price anywhere else. Great buy!

better than expected

i love all i bought. packaged so nicely and cute! i will definitely be buying more from here in the future