Selenite Natural Gemstone Heart Engraved with Wings

A beautiful Selenite heart carved with an engraved angel or fairy wing design.  This is a calming and soothing stone to work with as it is a natural cleanser and supports cleansing negative energies away from you and promoting happiness.  Selenite is a wonderful stone to work with if you feel stressed or tense, as it helps to soothe you and bring you back to center.

You can meditate with this wing-carved Selenite Heart and allow it to remind you of the love that surrounds you everyday.

You will receive 1 Selenite heart, approximately 3" at the widest point.

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Customer Reviews

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Tj Birdsall
Selenite winged etched heart

Unbelievably gorgeous
Absolutely stunning

I am sooooo glad I was able to get this. It's a magnificent piece and feels so good to hold. The only thing that would please me mor was if such a piece came in a neck size pendant. Definitely recommend to anyone thinking about purchasing this.

Gail Coil
Selenite Natural Gemstone Heart with wings carving

Very Beautiful, Love it, carving done well and stone is high quality