Seraphinite Polished Tumbled Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Seraphinite

Stone for the Prism of Angelic Energy

Seraphinite is an angelic stone that works like a prism through your 3 bodies to bring about a powerful connection to the Astral Realm. The stone looks like its has feathers and will raise your spiritual energy to its highest levels when you work with the gemstone. If you want to work with angels, angelic magick or ethereal power then seraphinite is a must-have. You can see flickers of light move through the stone when you turn it which further solidifies its properties as an ethereal stone. You can use the stone to flush negative energy away from you and attract the powers of love, grace, hope, faith and divinity. It will help you to find a well-balanced state of mind and body in your life so you can feel grounded while also being well-connected to more angelic forms of thought and power.

Seraphinite is a green to dark green stone with flashes of green through its striations. It looks like swirls and ripples that resemble wings through the green stone that gives it the ethereal name from "Seraphim". This gemstone was named for its angel properties.

You will receive one stone between 1"- 1.5" on the longest side.

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Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this stone! It's been on my list forever, so I finally caved-in and got one. I am beyond delighted. It's got a beautiful texture like lava stone, only a bit smoother. The greens are so deep and unusual. Mine has needle-like reflections in it, and even a small natural hole near the top that means I could make it into a pendant if I so choose to. As soon as I gripped it, I felt energy shoot from my base straight up and over the crown of my head. Can't wait to work with this stone!

Bummed about it.

When I ordered this stone after reading on it and see several pictures of it I expected this shiny green stone. The stone I got is barely green it looks like very porous like lava stone and has no shine to it whatsoever. I love this company and this has been the only disappointing stone I’ve ever received. The energy I. It feels way off too. Not sure if it’s even the correct stone. I understand it happens, but this doesn’t look anything like what it’s supposed to.

Unique crystal

Unusual crystal, nice energy, great color

I love the first piece of Seraphinite I ordered from...

I love the first piece of Seraphinite I ordered from CrystalGemstoneShop so much, that I decided to get a second piece as a gift for a friend. This piece is equally as beautiful, looks like those in the photo, and is right at 1.2' as described. Thank you from this repeat customer! <3

This is such a cool stone! I'd never seen one before and the...

This is such a cool stone! I'd never seen one before and the specimen I received is absolutely stunning. I see exactly why this stone was named for Seraphim Angels, with all the shimmery feathery shapes in the stone. The piece I received was actually a smidge longer than described, which tells me this is a shop with integrity that tends to err towards underestimating the size instead of overpromising. Love the large tumbled size - it's a great size to hold in the palm of your hand. It came packaged in a little box, suitable for gift giving. I would definitely order from this shop again and I'm adding the shop to my favorites! Thank you!