Sesame Seed Kiwi Jasper Tumbled Polished Gemstone

Metaphysical Properties, Meaning and Uses of Sesame Seed Jasper

Stone for Awakening the Inner Warrior

Sesame Seed Jasper is a stone of the flesh. It increases your libido, ignites any stagnant, sexual energy within your 3 bodies, and circulates the erotic energy you need for greater sexual experiences throughout your mind, spirit and body. Sesame Seed Jasper is a tremendous stone to work with when you want to enhance your romantic emotions, perky playfulness, and bring out your exotic side.

Sesame Seed Jasper is also known as Kiwi Jasper.


You will receive 1 tumbled stone, approximately 0.9"-1.1" nugget shape.

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Customer Reviews

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Rachel Selima
Complex Stone

It has such a soothing, calming nature in it's colors and texture, but wow, this thing radiates some go-getter, confidence-building energy!

Meghan Gould
always happy

beautiful kiwi jasper. the light green is so beautiful